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Application of Multi-purpose ceramic balls in the humidifier

Timer:2014-8-30 9:41:41  Author:Samyoo
1、 main ingredient
Native mineral materials, ceramic oxide compound, nanometer compound and the rare earth are combined by special processes, then agglutinated at the low temperature and made into granular.
The molecule structure of the ceramic material: XY3Z6B3{Si6O18}O9(O,OH,F)4 。
Molecule structure
2、 characteristics
1) Permanetly and naturely discharging amounts of negative ions in the different situations of temperature, pressure and light through activation catalysis principle of actived materials in the system;
2) Launching 4-16 um far infrared ray and having more than 90% FIR emissivity;
3) Restraining and killing pathogen through nanometer compound encreasing actived oxygen.
3、 functions
discharging negative ions;
antibacterial funtion;
preventing the dirt scaling
removing smell;
accellerating metabolism and increasing the capability of anti-diseases.
When ceramic balls contact with water at the moment, may produce massive OH and O free radicals. Its reaction process is as follows:
ceramic balls
H2O → H+ + •OH(OH free radicals)
H+ + H2O → H3O+ → OH- + H2
OH- + H2O → H3O2-(negative ion)
The above function process is a permanent circulation. when the water are atomized and blowout as well as the negative ion and free radicals of hydroxyl proudced in the action, so they have carried on a series of useful effects in the air.
1) Purifing the air and having a good living space
In the air mass mini particles or the member as well as the bacterium which cannot be noticed. These mini particles either the member or the bacterium have the positive charge or the negative charge, in the un-serious polluted air, the content of positive and negative ion is 1000-2000 ion each cubic centimeter, but the proportin of the anoin and cation probably is 3:1 or 4:1,this proportion enhances to 5:4 level in the polluted air, and the bacterium in the air is up to the different environment. Several dozens even hundreds of bacterium each cubic centimeter in the air bring the negative charge. When the vapor with the negative ion (H3O2-) and the hydroxyl free radical (OH) come into the air, the negative ion and positive charge particle are combined and neutralized. Because the bond energy of hydroxyl free radical is 122Kcal/mol, its is higher than other like C-C, C-H, C-N, C-O and N-H key , and easily decomposes the harm display matter in the air by strong oxidized ability which destructs the cell membrane of the bacterium, prevents the bacterial activity. Through the above function, it purifies the air.
2) Increase the negative ion quantity and reducing the occurrence of the disease
It is known that the negative ion is called the air vitamin. When the negative ion is absorbed by the human body, it can balance blood sour alkalinity and promote the blood circulation. Because the 2-3% oxygen absorbed by the human body is able to turn into the active oxygen, the active oxygen can capture the electron from the human body cell and harm DNA. Combined with the unsaturated fatty acid union, it become peroxidation lipin which usually can stick to the internal membrane of blood pipe wall and cause the arteriosclerosis, the hypertension sickness. In brief, the negative ion increased in the environment can cause the blood to assume the weak baiscity and decrease the hypertension sickness.
3) Purifing the water and having a good taste
(1) anti-bacterial
Massive strong oxidants in water can attack bacterium’s cell membrane, damage their protein even DNA, make bacteria deactivated, and then decomposing bacteria’s corpse and form a condition without second pollution.
(2) attacking the algae
Free radicals of hydroxyl in water can largely increase the number of free radical inside algae, as the sudden increasing of excessive free radicals and body cannot clear it, results in the radicals will attack each part of algae cells, and results in destruction of membrane system integrity, disconnection of DNA, termination of algae’s life, and finally decomposes organic matter of algae.
(3) stable chlorine
So far, the running water uses the chlorine to make the disinfectant so that it includes a bad taste. The worst is it also includes the refined character cancerous chloroform, therefore, the present running water must be boiled and cannot drink directly. But, the water processed by the ceramic balls can be stable the chlorine and turn the water into the delicacy. It has an effect from two aspects. One is that it turns chloride ion (Cl-) the chlorine member (Cl2) to volatilize; another is that the hydroxyl free radical decomposites the halohydrocarbon and causes its detoxification.
(4) disturbancing scaling
Deactivation of Bacterium and algae in water when in alkalescent environment, as well as decomposition of organic matter, make it form dirt (silicates) under the condition of microbes form bacterium membrane and adhere on vessel surface. In this alkalescent environment, Ca2+ /Mg2+ /Fe2+ in water cannot form carbonate deposition, and form hydroxide with better solubility, thus preventing the dirt scaling. On the other side, ceramic balls can launch 4-16 um far infrared ray and make the bigger water groups into smaller one. various inorganic impurities will be not easy to deposit and form dirt and hard dirt on pipeline surface. and even if there is accumulation of soft dirt, it can float in water or slightly stick to metal surface, which can be washed with water.
5. How to clean the ceramic balls:
Clean and activate the ceramic balls after use for 1000L water regularly.
Alternative 1: It can be dip in vinegar for about 10 minutes. Then rinse it cleanlily with clean water.
Alternative 2: Take the ceramic ball out from the cartridge, clean the balls with clear water. Put the balls under the sun about 1 hour. Then put back into the cartridge.
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