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benefit of ozone

Timer:2014-8-30 9:43:02  Author:Samyoo

Application of Ozone Sterilizing and Eliminating Odor:
1.Eliminate Odor and Purify Air: ozone features strong oxidation performance and can
instantly decompose odor, bad smell, bacteria, virus, toxic gas and formaldehy de generated from new furniture and decoration, thus achieving the functions of steriliz-ing, eliminating odor and purifying air.
2.Effective Sterilizing and Disinfection Function: It is proven by scientific
experiment that ozone can instantly and effectively kill Escherichia coli, Bacillus cereus,megacin, dysentery bacterium, salmonellosis, staphylococcus aureus, flue virus and hep-atitis virus etc.
3.Fresh Keeping: for vegetal and fruit storage,ozone,beside killing and restraining
bacteria and preventing rot, it can also preventing aging and keeping fresh.
4.Disinfect and Degradation Pesticide: ozone can break the chemical bond of pestici-
de and make it to generate chemical changes without any poisoning.
5.Prevent Disease and Health Care : When content of ozone in air is less than 0.01ppm(0.15mg/m3)

Ozone concentration data:
If Ozone concentration in the air < 0.1 PPM (0.15mg/cbm) is good for health of human.
If Ozone concentration from 1-10 PPM, it's irritative.
If Ozone concentration more than 10 PPM, it's poisonous.
And the Ozone concentration of our humidifier: ≤0.05 PPM, so it's safe and good for human.

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