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Understand Anion

Timer:2014-8-30 9:34:59  Author:Samyoo
Understand Anion
1、Negative ion——vitamin in air
Electron knocks the molecule in air (mainly oxygen) to generate ion, ion with negative electric charge is called as negative ion. Negative ion is everywhere in the nature. Thunder, lightning; photosynthesis of plants; waterfall may generate a lot of negative ion, this is why people feel that air is fresh in rainy day, in forest and beside waterfall.

2、Relation of Negative Ion Distribution and Concentration in Nature with Human Health:

Content of Negative
Ion N-ion pcs/cm
Relation with Human Health
Forest and Waterfall Area
Natural Recovery Force
High Mountain, Sea Shore
Sterilizing, reducing disease spreading
Suburb and field
Improve human immunity and resistance
Closed Urban Residential Area
Cause physical disabilities such as headache and insomnia
Air Conditioning Room
Cause "air Conditioner Disease"
Negative Ion O xygen Bar Room
Natural Recovery Force

3、Magic Power of Negative Ion:
1)、Produce Active Oxygen: negative oxygen ion can effectively active oxygen molecule in air and make it easily to be absorbed by human, and effectively preventing “Air Conditioner Disease”
2)、Improve Lung Function: after absorbing negative oxygen ion, lung can absorb 20% more oxygen and exhaust 15% more Co2.
3)、Promote Metabolism: activate diversified enzyme in body, promote metabolism.
4)、Improve Resistance: improve the competence of body, activate the function of endothelium system and improve immunity.
5)、Improve Sleep: negative oxygen ion can inspire people and improve work efficiency, improve sleep with obvious effect in relieving pain.
6)、Sterilizing Function: negative ion generator can generate small amount of ozone when generating a lot of negative ion, the combination of both can easily absorb diversified virus and bacteria, change the structure or convert the energy and kill bacteria. Remove dust and kill bacteria, relieve harm of second hand smoke, environmental protection and health are visible.
7)、Remove Smoke and Dust: negative ion with negative electric charge can neutralize with the smoke and dust in air which has positive electric charge, make it naturally sediment.
8)、Protection: neutralize high voltage static of TV and computer , form negative ion protective layer and effective reduce damages to eyes from high voltage static generated by TV and computer, effectively prevent short sight, and reduce damages to TV and computer caused by dust.

4、Work Principle and Functions of the positive and negative ion generator (plasma generator):
The main work principle of the positive and negative ion generator (plasma generator) is increase the low voltage to positive high voltage and negative high voltage with voltage increasing circuit, generate large amount of positive ion and negative ion with positive high voltage and negative high voltage ionized air (mainly oxygen), the quantity of negative ion is more than positive ion ( 1.5 times
of positive ion). The positive ion and negative ion can generate enormous energy when neutralize with positive negative electric charge , which may change the structure of bacteria or convert the energy and kill bacteria, thus achieving the effect of sterilizing. Since there are more negative ions than positive ions, surplus negative ion will also float in the air for remove smoke, dust and eliminate odor, improve air quality and promote health.

5、Working principle of negative generator: Negative ion testing method:
1). Negative ion concentration can be measured accurately with air ion concentration testing instrument at the front of outputting end of negative ion generator.
2). You will feel a rush of cool air when putting your hand 5 cm before outputting high-pressure carbon brush or discharge needle.
3) Take a transparent container with a cover ( volume: 20*30* 20cm ) , and introduce fumes , put take emission end of negative ion generator into the container center. After electricity is s witched on for 5 minutes with the cover closed, you will find that the fumes in the container disappeared immediately.
4). Place a negative ion generator into a smelly environment for a period of time, you will find that the smell will be removed obviously.

6. Attentions for installing or using negative icon generator:
1). It is better to select the product with a large volume according to the space where the product is used.
2). Generally speaking, it is recommended that users shall use negative ion generator that conforms to safety regulations and EMC standards.
3). The machine body and high-voltage discharging top end of negative ion generator shall be kept away from the electric control board.
4). If negative ion generator is used for the first time, it is recommended to accept on-site installation guide of manufacturer.

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